Friday, June 20th, 2008

Thoughts on the Cubs/White Sox Series - Wrigley Field Edition

This afternoon, the first Cubs/White Sox series of the season commences. Since interleague games started in 1997, I cannot recall a time when both teams found themselves atop their respective divisions. Both teams are entering this three-game series coming off series sweeps. The White Sox swept the Pittsburgh Pirates at U.S. Cellular Field and scored a load of runs. On the other hand, the Tampa Bay Rays swept the Cubs down in St. Petersburg, Florida. With the exception of last night, the Cubs played great baseball. I guess Carlos Marmol was long overdue for a horrendous outing.

Naturally, I am a Cubs fan and want them to win, but I think the Cubs are clearly the better team at this point of the season. The Cubs are currently on their longest losing streak of the season, only three games. Conversely, the White Sox are inconsistent. They'll play one series where they resemble the 1927 New York Yankees, and then turn around perform like the 1962 New York Mets.

This series is the closest Chicago comes to a World Series environment each season, except for the 2005 World Series that was actually played here. Here are few thoughts for Cubs fans. Let's just win this series and take two out of three. Just focus on keeping the Cardinals and Brewers at bay. St. Louis doesn't seem to drop in the standings, and the Brewers have won four in a row.

No kidding about not being able to shake St. Louis. I would have thought that the team with the best record would have left the other division teams in the dust. Not so. Everyone's always hating on the NL Central for being the weakest division in the majors. Not this year!

I'm pumped about the Cubs-Sox series. I have a good friend who's a Sox fan so we have a bet going based on the outcome of the six games between them this year. Whoever loses has to wear the other team's shirt/jersey on a given day. The winner gets to pick the shirt. I'm keeping my eyes open for a pink, extra small Cubs tank top. He will look great in it.
SallyPants   Friday, June 20, 2008
Cubs win!
Bill Pearch   Friday, June 20, 2008
And how!
SallyPants   Friday, June 20, 2008
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