Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Chicago Bears 2012

This evening, I flipped an internal switch. Generally speaking, I refuse to change into football mode during training camp and preseason games, but I'll be sitting on our couch with our television locked on CBS to watch the Chicago Bears host the Indianapolis Colts tomorrow at noon. The cooler temperatures during the day and autumn-like rain this evening helped ease the transition.

I'm not very good at making football predictions, and I'm not entirely sure how good the Bears will be this season. I doubt they'll run away with the NFC North, but they should be competitive. I'm interested to see the potential of the offense this year. With the offense acquisition of wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the Bears could rewrite the offensive record book. The defense could be shaky. We'll see if Brian Urlacher is on his last legs, or not.

Here's a quick look at their upcoming schedule:

Week 1: Indianapolis Colts
Week 2: @Green Bay Packers
Week 3: St. Louis Rams
Week 4: @Dallas Cowboys
Week 5: @Jacksonville Jaguars
Week 6: Bye
Week 7: Detroit Lions
Week 8: Carolina Panthers
Week 9: @Tennessee Titans
Week 10: Houston Texans
Week 11: @San Francisco 49ers
Week 12: Minnesota Vikings
Week 13: Seattle Seahawks
Week 14: @Minnesota Vikings
Week 15: Green Bay Packers
Week 16: @Arizona Cardinals
Week 17: @Detroit Lions

My guess is that they will be good, but not nearly as good as Green Bay. I guess we will know after week 2.
jef   Sunday, September 9, 2012
Hey Bill, wks. 4 and 13 you can forget about a win. Playing Americas Team in Big "D" anytime is hard and especially this year because they seem to have it together. The Seattle Seahawks with RW is going to be a difficult assignment with some other games: however, the Bears should claw the Carolina Panthers along with some other wild life on their schedule.
BeanCounter37   Sunday, September 9, 2012
After watching the Bears first 2 possessions, I wasn't sure if I would watch anymore football this year. Fortunately, I watched the whole game and now think the Bears have the talent to beat anyone.
jef   Sunday, September 9, 2012
I agree, jef. The first two possessions were awful.
Bill Pearch   Sunday, September 9, 2012
Da Bears!!!!!
BeanCounter37   Monday, September 10, 2012
The Bears are 1-0. I'll take it.
Bill Pearch   Monday, September 10, 2012
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