Friday, September 28th, 2012

Magic Numbers 2012 v4.0

The playoff picture is becoming clearer. In the National League, two of the three divisions (Central and West) have winners. The Atlanta Braves have clinched a playoff spot, it's not clear if it will be as the NL East champion or the first of two wild cards. The St. Louis Cardinals currently hold the second wild card spot and they maintain a three-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

In the American League, no team has secured a playoff berth. The New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles are battling for the AL East lead. The Detroit Tigers swapped places with the Chicago White Sox and find themselves in command of the AL Central. With a magic number of three, he Texas Rangers will likely be the first team in the Junior Circuit to lock up a division title. The Orioles and Oakland Athletics are currently the two AL wild cards.

Here are the current division leaders and their magic numbers:

New York Yankees (AL East): 6
Detroit Tigers (AL Central): 5
Texas Rangers (AL West): 3

Washington Nationals (NL East): 3
Cincinnati Reds (NL Central): 0
San Francisco Giants (NL West): 0

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