Friday, November 30th, 2012

Geocaching: November Milestone

This morning, I had to deliver a proposal to a potential client in the northern suburbs. While my overall goal for 2012 is to log my 800th find, but if could log a find today, I would reach a minor milestone.

On the geocaching website, there are several statistics to track. You can track things like: farthest from home, closest to home, different states, different countries, etc. One of the stats the site tracks is "Finds for Each Day of the Year." I know. It's ridiculous. There are a total of 366 potential days to log a find. Throughout the years, I have managed to successfully find a cache on every day in November, well, except for the 30th.

Before heading to work this morning, I checked the website. I knew where I need to deliver the proposal and I noticed there was a relatively easy cache just down the street from the office I visited.

Bingo! Mission accomplished.

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