Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Taking a Step Back

If Major League Baseball excels at one thing, it's making me contemplate purchasing a new team cap every season. I own Chicago Cubs caps from almost every era from the early-1900s to today. I don't, however, own any of their batting practice caps.

This upcoming season, all 30 franchises will don new batting practice caps prior to games. I glanced at all of them, and honestly, there aren't any must-haves in the batch. Though I must confess, the new Houston Astros cap is cool in a throwback way. With the move to the American League in 2013, they are bringing back an updated retro feel to the franchise.

Despite most the batting practice caps looking ordinary, one team decided to dust off an offensive image from yesteryear. Yes, Atlanta Braves - I'm talking about you. For the 2013 season, Atlanta opted to ditch the stylized "A" in favor of the "screaming savage" image that first appeared when the team called Milwaukee home during the 1950s. The image survived the move to the southeast during the 1960s and remained in use until 1989. Over the last few seasons, the Cleveland Indians have distanced themselves from the Chief Wahoo image in favor of a stylized block "C" on their caps.

Here's to hoping that Braves management will correct this insensitive act before the season starts. How about reintroducing the lower case "A" from the 1970s?

Image: ESPN's Uni Watch

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