Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Preference?

Later today, we will know the teams that will play in Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday, February 3 in New Orleans. Generally, I find the weekend of the NFC and AFC Championship Games more competitive than the actual Super Bowl. Some Super Bowls simply fail to live up to the hype. I'm disappointed that the Chicago Bears finished this season 10-6 and failed to reach the playoffs. Regardless, I doubt they would have gone deep into the postseason.

Which Super Bowl are hoping to see?

A - Atlanta Falcons (NFC) vs. New England Patriots (AFC)
B - Atlanta Falcons (NFC) vs. Baltimore Ravens (AFC)
C - San Francisco 49ers (NFC) vs. New England Patriots (AFC)
D - San Francisco 49ers (NFC) vs. Baltimore Ravens (AFC)

Any preference? Anyone with a rooting interest?

I believe that it will be Atlanta and New England in the Super Bowl. I really believe that New England wins again. New England reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys under Tom Landry and with Roger Staubach at QB.
BeanCounter37   Sunday, January 20, 2013
I think it'll probably end up as option C with the 49ers and Patriots. But they still need to play the games, right?
Bill Pearch   Sunday, January 20, 2013
Right now, we're down to options C and D.
Bill Pearch   Sunday, January 20, 2013
And the final answer is...D.
Bill Pearch   Sunday, January 20, 2013
It will probably be the Ravens because of the hype associated with Ray Lewis' pending retirement.
BeanCounter37   Monday, January 21, 2013
I think it will be 49s vs. Ravens...Note: disregard this time stamp
RickMonday   Monday, January 21, 2013

girlcarew   Monday, January 21, 2013
I'm SO glad Tom Brady isn't going to the Super Bowl again. I cannot stand that man. Have to cheer for the Niners--2 former MSU players are on the team :) Just wish their coach wasn't a (sc)UM alum.
Jules   Monday, January 21, 2013
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