Sunday, July 6th, 2008

Hot stove baseball: Cleveland and Milwaukee

Since the calendar flipped from June to July, Major League Baseball's trade deadline has taken center stage. Maybe the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium is a slightly larger story.

Anyway, it appears the Milwaukee Brewers have made the first significant trade of the season. Though not official, it appears the Brewers have successfully traded for Cleveland Indians' starting pitcher, C.C. Sabathia. This move can have a big impact on the National League Central Division and wild card races.

Yes, insert your waistband size joke here.

Complete details may be announced on Monday. Seeing the Chicago Cubs have not been able to shake the St. Louis Cardinals, the division is still up for grabs. On top of that, Milwaukee has been on fire, expect for that 6-run ninth inning the other night.

Yes, this is great news for us (Brewer fans)!!! I think I'm more excited to see CC with a bat in his hand... did you see that monstrous 440 foot home run he hit last week? Dang...

I'm also a Tribe fan and while I'm bummed they are totally in the cellar this year, I can't wait to see C.C. live more than once every few years.

Go Brewers!!!
Carrie   Sunday, July 6, 2008
Perhaps he can work with Prince Fielder in the batting cages. They have roughly the same build.
Bill Pearch   Monday, July 7, 2008
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