Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Baseball 101: How to Score a Game (Bottom of the First)

Now let's move to the bottom of the first inning. As you'll see, the Milwaukee Brewers couldn't generate much offense during the first inning, but a few things happened that are worth explaining for first time scorers.

Norichika Aoki, the right fielder, lead off the bottom of the first inning for the Brewers. He popped out to his counterpart in right field (9) for the first out of the inning.

Jean Segura, the shortstop, batted second. He popped out to center field (8) for the second out of the inning. Two up, two down.

The third batter, Ryan Braun (perhaps you've heard about his recent dilemma), doubled (2B) to tally the first hit for the Brewers.

Aramis Ramirez, third baseman and cleanup hitter, tapped the ball back to the pitcher. The pitcher fielded the ball and threw it to the first baseman (1-3) to record the third out and ended the inning. When an out is recorded, every player who touched the ball is included. The pitcher is credited with an assist and the first baseman is credited with a putout.

The next installment will be involved. The St. Louis Cardinals will send 10 men to the plate while scoring six runs on just three hits.

To be continued....

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