Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Potential World Series Rematches: 2016

September 29, 1954 - Willie Mays makes "The Catch" during Game 1 of the World Series.

Major League Baseball's 2016 postseason begins this evening with the American League Wild Card Game between the Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays. The game, scheduled for Rogers Centre in Toronto, will determine which team advances to face the Texas Rangers in the American League Division Series.

Looking ahead at all of the possible World Series combinations, this postseason provides many unique combinations. What's most striking is that, of all of the teams to reach the postseason in 2016, very few of the potential World Series matchups have not occurred in the past. Here is a list of the teams to reach the postseason:

NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL East: Washington Nationals
NL West: Los Angeles Dodgers
NL Wild Card #1: New York Mets
NL Wild Card #2: San Francisco Giants

AL Central: Cleveland Indians
AL East: Boston Red Sox
AL West: Texas Rangers
AL Wild Card #1: Toronto Blue Jays
AL Wild Card #2: Baltimore Orioles

Here are the World Series matchups we've seen before:

1912: New York Giants vs. Boston Red Sox
1918: Chicago Cubs vs. Boston Red Sox
1920: Brooklyn Robins vs. Cleveland Indians
1954: New York Giants vs. Cleveland Indians
1966: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Baltimore Orioles
1969: New York Mets vs. Baltimore Orioles
1986: New York Mets vs. Boston Red Sox
2010: San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers

Photo courtesy: New York Daily News

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