Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

Wanted: The Seven Remaining Teams

Back in 2012, I started playing an elaborate version of the Team Game that Susan and I play when we attend Major League Baseball games. We try to spot as many of the 30 MLB team logos as we can. On this blog, I've started locating all 30 logos out about in the real world away from the ballpark. Simple, huh? Seeing the 2016 American League Wild Card Game is about to start and I still need to find seven teams, this challenge hasn't been as simple as it seems.

So what's taking so long?

At the ballpark, the rules are fairly loose. In fact, there aren't any. Just spot a logo and cross it off the list. For the online version, I decided to increase the difficulty. First, logos on clothing do not count. Too many kids walk around town with their little league caps on. Too easy. Second, nothing that I own counts. If so, this game would have been over without leaving our house.

Which teams are left?

Of the 30 teams in baseball, I've found 23 logos. Here are the seven that continue to elude me.

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