Friday, December 29th, 2017

Wanted: The Five Remaining Teams

Five years ago, I challenged myself with what seemed like a fun baseball-related quest. At the time, I was in downtown Glen Ellyn picking up our weekly CSA veggie box. Full confession, I used to cheat and park in the Episcopal church lot adjacent to the pickup location rather than loop around the block to avoid a one-way street. As far as I could tell, the church never had activities on Thursday evenings. Well, at least not during the five-minutes I needed to park and walk away with our organic haul. Had I not parked in the church lot, I would not have noticed the maroon Subaru sporting a Philadelphia Phillies logo on the hatch door. Then lightning struck.

Susan and I developed a Team Game to play while attending baseball games. Since I discovered a National League East team logo on a car in the heart of DuPage County, I should modify the rules and attempt to find all 30 MLB teams. Chicago Cubs and White Sox logos are nearly ubiquitous, but how daunting could this assignment be (Sisyphus, here's your stone)? After 1,976 days of scouring our nation (and a weekend in Montreal), I have only found 25. I'm still missing five franchises.

Our Team Game rules are fairly loose at baseball games. That's because there aren't any. Just spot a logo and cross it off the list. For this challenge, I decided to tighten the screws and increase the complexity. First, logos on clothing are forbidden. Too many kids walk around town during the summer donning their little league caps and jerseys. Far too easy. Second, nothing that I own counts. If so, this game would have been over without leaving our house. Third, logos on pennants and video boards inside MLB facilities do not count either.

Here are the five logos that continue to elude me. There are three American League teams, including the reigning World Series champions, and two National League teams.

What are the odds that this quest will come to a close during 2018?

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