Sunday, August 10th, 2008

MLB Game #12: Astros vs. Reds

Today, Susan and I are headed to Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark for the Houston Astros/Cincinnati Reds game. This afternoon's starting pitchers are Wandy Rodriquez (6-4) and Aaron Harang (3-11).

As we approach mid-August, the Cubs and Brewers are still atop the National League Central Division standings.

Chicago Cubs 70-47 ---

Milwaukee Brewers 66-51 4 GB

St. Louis Cardinals 65-54 6 GB

Houston Astros 57-59 12.5 GB

Pittsburgh Pirates 53-63 16.5 GB

Cincinnati Reds 52-66 18.5 GB

Have a great time at the game, Bill and Susan!!

I just want all the Springfield people to know that Steve and I went to the Phillies/Pirates game last night with our son Randy. Jason Werth played for the Phillies and had a great game - walked (and later scored), hit a triple and made a great catch in left field. What a thrill to see the hometown boy do good!!!!! He's come a long way since Laketown School!! (And the Phillies won!!)
!   Sunday, August 10, 2008
@! - It's good to hear a story like that. I didn't realize he was from around here.
Bill Pearch   Monday, August 11, 2008
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