Sunday, April 17th, 2022

The Last Time I Saw [That Team] Play (v4.0)

Tomorrow night, we'll be in Milwaukee seeing live baseball again. We were supposed to see a game at the beginning of April, but due to the MLB lockout, that game was rescheduled. With scheduling conflicts and inclement weather, I haven't been able to catch the Chicago Cubs or White Sox yet in 2022. Monday night, we see the Milwaukee Brewers host the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This morning I realized that I haven't updated this list for quite some time. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, fans weren't allowed to attend games in 2020, then I realized I never shared the list publicly during the 2021 season. During 2021, I did make it to 17 games (includes regular season and the playoffs). Last year, I did see 13 MLB teams play. That's just shy of half of the franchises, so the gigantic gap between the Detroit Tigers (355 days) and Washington Nationals (966) kills me. Even worse, I can't believe that I haven't seen the Los Angeles Angels play since 2010. And the Toronto Blue Jays? It's been more than 5,000 days.

Please note: This list includes regular season and postseason games. Spring training games are not included.

*ALDS Game 3
**NLDS Game 2
***NLCS Game 1
****Left during two-hour rain delay; game resumed at 10:05 p.m.
*****Cleveland's American League franchise rebranded in 2022

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