Monday, January 12th, 2009

Weird Night of Television

I know the two-hour premiere aired a few weeks ago, but 24 was back on television last night. Two, one-hour episodes aired last night. Another two episodes will air tonight.

Here are a few quick thoughts on 24. First, it's nice to have Jack Bauer back on television. Even though the last season was weak, it's been far too long since that show was on. Second, I am so excited that the action does not take place in Los Angeles. Up to this point, every season has taken place in Los Angeles. This season, at least in the beginning, is happening in Washington, D.C. I've been begging for a location changed since the third season. Finally, is Jack's new sidekick supposed to look like Agent Scully? A red-headed, pant suit wearing, FBI agent?

During the commercials for 24, I flipped over to the MLB Network. Last night they replayed a Chicago Cubs/Pittsburgh Pirates game from early 1991. It was great to see Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson and a very skinny Mark Grace battle Bobby Bonilla and a very slender Barry Bonds. The Cubs blew a 7-2 lead in the eighth inning to lose 13-12 in the 11th inning.

Oh the memories.

I missed the first 15 minutes of last night's episode, but I gather Jack was hauled in front of a Senate sub-committee for his use of torture in the past (waah).

I thought this was a strong start to the season - there was a distinct lack of annoying people, the guy who plays the awesome Billy Walsh in Entourage is now an FBI data analyst, even the president and First Gentleman seem like they'll have interesting supporting roles.

Tony was one of my favorite characters in the series, so hopefully they'll do something interesting with him. There hasn't been an "anti-Jack" for the audience to hate since Nina was offed a few seasons ago.
Eric T.   Monday, January 12, 2009
Good observation on the agent Scully comparision Bill. It will be interesting to see how the writers play out the past torture implications/guilty conscience issues and the future encounters. When you think about the "catch 22" nature of the issue it becomes difficult for me to come down on the side against torturing a known terrorist verses saving hundreds of innocent lives. That's one of the things that makes the show so compelling.
Good News   Monday, January 12, 2009
Did the CIA guys kill President Taylor's oldest son? Did they show it or should we just accept it as fact. Or maybe I missed it. But this one looks good.
RickMonday   Monday, January 12, 2009
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