Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Do They Stand a Chance?

This blog may be a few days early, but I am looking ahead to the Super Bowl this Sunday. Over the last few days on sports radio, I've heard a lot of people give the Arizona Cardinals a lot of praise. Sure, they rank among the most unlikely Super Bowl teams. I even had them (if I entered a playoff pool this year) losing in the first round.

A few blogs back, I mentioned the NFC and AFC Championship Games tend to be more competitive than the actual Super Bowl. The game itself tends to get swallowed up in the pre-game hype, the commercials, and the halftime show. Of course, there are exceptions. Last year's match-up between the undefeated New England Patriots and the New York Giants was fantastic. Especially since the Giants handed the Patriots their only loss all season.

Personally, I think the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to walk away with this game. I never pick scores, but this one should be over by halftime. Perhaps the Cardinals will make a last minute drive, but the Steelers will take this game easily. As far as I'm concerned, start fitting them for their Super Bowl rings today.

Do you think the Cardinals stand a chance?

I think AZ has a chance. I had Larry Fitzgerald and Hightower on my fantasy team so I followed them all year.

I dont think Pittsburgh has a great offense so the Cardinals should be able to hold them to 20 points.

The key for the Steelers is getting a pass rush on Warner. He has a quick release and knows where his receivers will be. Fitzgerad and Antoin Bolden are just a ton to contain. If Warner has any amount of time, I think AZ will score many points.

I am not betting on the game but if the line is more than 7 I woud go with the Cardinals.
RickMonday   Thursday, January 29, 2009
Ben and Willie put this gfame out of reach of the Cards. However, I expect a good defensive game because the Cardinal Secondary is led by a former NCState Wuf named Adrian Wilson.
BeanCounter37   Thursday, January 29, 2009
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