Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Which Would You Choose?

On Humzoo, we have a mix of sports fans. We have dedicated fans of specific teams and specific sports. We have casual fans, too. We also have people who are completely indifferent and hold no allegiance anywhere.

Oftentimes, people only become interested in particular sports when they reach the championship rounds. Every March, all workplaces have NCAA Tournament pools. Humzoo even hosts one. Some people follow college basketball enough to make educated guesses, some select their teams based upon school colors, while others always pick from a particular conference or just Catholic universities. Due to the amount of dollars advertisers throw at the Super Bowl annually, many people host parties regardless of their interest in the game. Ratings always skyrocket for the one-and-done football championship. Now, the World Series, a best-of-seven series, is only a few days away.

Knowing we have Humzooers around the world, and with varying degrees of interest in baseball, which World Series match-up would you like to see?

A - New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies
B - New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
C - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Philadelphia Phillies
D - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
E - I will intentionally not watch

Naturally, baseball fans with any interest in the game will watch the World Series. Casual fans could potentially influence the ratings. Out of the four potential match-ups, we have two potential East Coast vs. West Coast options (B, C), one East Coast exclusive (A), and one crosstown Los Angeles option (D). Will watch regardless of teams? Will you watch only if a specific team advances? Will you watch if a team near you advances?

I say C- Angels vs. Phillies
I think is spans the country and allows for some overall appeal. With Philly being last year's champs and the LA suffering their loss early this season, it makes for a good match-up for the casual viewer. I would not be upset if either won, too.

For me, not being a Yankee or a Dodger fan, I have no interest in watching a World Series with that match-up. If LA goes against LA, no reason to watch unless you live in LA. If Philly goes against NY, I would want Philly to win, but I still might not watch.
K8Day   Saturday, October 17, 2009
My prediction was Phillies vs. Yankees. I still stand by that pick even though the Dodgers tied the series at 1-1 yesterday. In terms of the most competitive series, it might be Yankees vs. Dodgers. Regardless, I watch every game of every World Series. Even if it's LA vs. LA.

On the radio last week, Ken Rosenthal from Fox Sports discussed ratings for the World Series. Obviously, the network has some interest in ratings. His thought was that LA/LA would be bring the worst ratings, Dodgers/Yankees would bring the best story with Torre's return to New York, and that Phillies/Yankees would score the highest ratings.

We'll see.
Bill Pearch   Saturday, October 17, 2009
I'm picking E...not a baseball fan at all. However, if the Tigers had made it to the World Series, I would probably have watched if only to cheer for my hometown team.
Jules   Saturday, October 17, 2009
I don't care but would prefer it not to be the Yankees. For me they are like Manchester United and I generally support whatever team is playing against them.
LimeyGeorge   Saturday, October 17, 2009
I would choose A for three reasons: one of my sons lives in Philly and is a big fan of theirs; I have a nephew who is a Yankees fan and I would want his team to do well; and I have relative who plays for the Phillies (right fielder by the name of Werth).
I will watch the play-offs and the World Series no matter who is involved. I am a fan of baseball and respect any team that makes it through the rough and tough road to get to the final seven games.
stheinz   Saturday, October 17, 2009
E. I will intentionally not watch.
I am a pretty big sports fan in general. i watch it all, thats why i love THIS time of year especially, with college football and NFL at mid ish season, playoff baseball, hockey and NBA are jus beginning. So much going on. However i the case of the world series this year i could really care less. I am a Cubs fan. Maybe thats why i like to root for the "under dog". I don't really feel like any of these teams are "underdog" teams.
Yankees- Enough said
Phillies- I guess i have to "proud" of homegrown Jayson Werth?
Angels- Didn't watch when they played the gints int he world series.. still have NO interest in them.
Dodgers- if i had to pick a favorite it would be them. Being they were without their main attraction for a 3rd of the season and their players really stepped up in that period of time.
cOnnOrSuLLivan   Monday, October 19, 2009
cOnnOrSuLLivan, Interesting that you didn't watch the 2002 World Series between the Giants and Angels. I rooted actively for the Angels to defeat the Giants in that one. I just wanted to make sure that Barry Bonds didn't get a World Series championship ring. Mission accomplished. The only thing that bothered me about that was one of my favorite Cubs of all-time was on the '02 Giants. Poor Shawon Dunston. He made there but didn't win.
Bill Pearch   Monday, October 19, 2009
I choose the New York Yankees becacause you go with the money.
BeanCounter37   Tuesday, October 20, 2009
The Cubs had a fairly high payroll. Look where they ended up.
Bill Pearch   Tuesday, October 20, 2009
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