Saturday, June 26th, 2010


If you watched the Chicago Cubs play the White Sox today, perhaps you noticed a patch sewn to the sleeve of the Cubs players. No, that isn't the number of games they lost this season. However, it does feel like it. Today was the 20,000th game played in the franchise's history. The Cubs are the first Major League Baseball team to have achieved that feat. The Cubs played their first game on April 25, 1876, but the team was known as the White Stockings back then. They beat Louisville 4-0 that day.

The National League began play during the 1876 season. The Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves are the only two teams remaining from the original National League. The Cubs have always played in Chicago, but the Braves started in Boston and played in Milwaukee before moving to Atlanta during the 1960s. The Braves will also reach the 20,000 mark later this season. Today, they played their 19,966th game against the Detroit Tigers.

Sorry Yankees fans. It may seem like you won 20,000 games, but the American League wasn't founded until 1901. By comparison, in the same game, the White Sox played their 17,055th game.

Oh yeah, forget any jokes. I know we've only two World Series titles. That's an average of one per 10,000 games played.

Eventhough the American League is younger they have done winning with more class than the National League. I don't see Twenty-seven World Championship Banners flying from the masts at any National League Park. Bill, is it true that there is a Monkey buried under the Home Plate at Wrigley Field? I have been told this, is it true?
BeanCounter37   Sunday, June 27, 2010
Sorry, Bean. That's an urban legend.
Bill Pearch   Sunday, June 27, 2010
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