Friday, September 17th, 2010

Magic Numbers as of Today

As the MLB 2010 season is winding down, I figured it's time to look at the magic numbers around the league. For people not familiar with the term, a magic number is the number needed to clinch a playoff spot (wins by the team in first, or a losses by the team in second). Right now, no team has secured a playoff spot yet, but some teams are getting close. Some races are still too close to call. That being said, here's where we stand at the moment.

American League

East: Tampa Bay Rays - 17
Central: Minnesota Twins - 8
West: Texas Rangers - 8
Wild Card: New York Yankees - 11

National League

East: Philadelphia Phillies - 13
Central: Cincinnati Reds - 10
West: San Francisco Giants - 16
Wild Card: Atlanta Braves - 16

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Go Giants!
girlcarew   Sunday, September 19, 2010
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