Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Expanded Playoffs for Next Season?

Bud Selig is at it again.

Over the years, the Major League Baseball playoff format has grown from two teams (1903-1968), to four teams (1969-1993), to the current eight teams (1994-present). As soon as 2011, that number might expand to 10 teams. One of the plans the commissioner is considering would add two additional wild cards, one more in each league, to the postseason. That would mean six division winners and four wild card teams. By no means do I consider myself a baseball purist, but I don't want the playoffs diluted any more. If 10 teams would advance to the postseason, that would mean that 33% of the league would qualify for the playoffs.

Perhaps it's because I grew up with the four team format, but that's my preference. Since the mid-1990s, I've grown to like the current format. With the addition of a wild card team in each league, it does allow many teams to remain in the hunt throughout the season. In the four team format, that didn't happen.

Perhaps this will prove beneficial for the teams, but I lack faith in Mr. Selig. He's already ruined the All-Star Game by allowing the game to determine the World Series team with the home field advantage. And related to that, he's allowed the most important series of the season to be determined by a game played in mid-July. Even worse, the All-Stars are still determined by fan vote. Don't forget the "Steroid Era" happened on his watch, and he just looked the other way.

Bud, can't you just admire your statue in Milwaukee and leave the game alone?

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If they add any more teams to the playoffs, the World Series won't happen until Christmas!! I had a son (Dave) born on October 11 in 1977. It was during the second inning of the World Series. The doctor would check on me and then he'd go and catch some of the game! Now on October 11 we're not even into the last of the playoffs. No more playoffs!! We need to concentrate on basketball in November!
!   Thursday, October 14, 2010
Nancy, I agree with you, and it will be pushing NCAA Basketball Season, if it goes on another two weeks each year. Of course, some of us like college football and it would be interferring with that if they lengthen the playoffs. However, you Tarheel Fans are not going to have to worry about Post Season Bowls and Television Appearances soon because you won't be on the tube when the NCAA finishes in Chapel Hill.
BeanCounter37   Thursday, October 14, 2010
I don't like when the World Series stretches into November either. I'm all about baseball, but the season needs to end in October.
Bill Pearch   Thursday, October 14, 2010
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