Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

82nd MLB All-Star Game

The 82nd Major League Baseball All-Star Game is about to begin at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. That's the home of the Arizona Diamondbacks. You can view my photo album from our trip there in 2009.

Being a Cubs fan, I hope the National League wins. That being said, I highly doubt they'll be making a run at the postseason during the second half. Perhaps Susan's Brewers will benefit.

Top of the first

Roy Halladay pitches. Curtis Granderson grounds out (3); Asdrubal Cabrera strikes out (K); Adrian Gonzalez grounds out (3).

No score.

Bottom of the first

Jered Weaver pitches. Rickie Weeks grounds out (3); Carlos Beltran strikes out (K); Matt Kemp walks (BB); Prince Fielder flies out (7).

No score.

Top of the second

Jose Bautista flies out (8); Josh Hamilton grounds out (5-3); Adrian Beltre flies out (9).

No score.

Bottom of the second

David Robertson pitches. Brian McCann flies out (9); Lance Berkman singles to center; Matt Holliday strikes out (K); Berkman caught stealing (CS).

No score.

Top of the third

Cliff Lee pitches. David Ortiz grounds out (3); Robinson Cano grounds out (3-1); Alex Avila grounds out (6).

No score.

Bottom of the third

Michael Pineda pitches; Troy Tulowitzki flies out (8); Scott Rolen strikes out (K); Rickie Weeks strikes out (K).

No score.

Top of the fourth

Curtis Granderson grounds out (4-3); Hunter Pence and Justin Upton enter game in the outfield; Asdrubal Cabrera flies out (8); Adrian Gonzalez homers (HR) to give AL a 1-0 lead; Jose Bautista singles (1B); Josh Hamilton singles to center (1B); runners on first and second; Tyler Clippard pitches. Adrian Beltre singles, but Bautista is out at the plate (7-2).

AL leads 1-0.

Bottom of the fourth

CJ Wilson pitches. Carlos Beltran reaches on an error (E6); Matt Kemp singles (1B); Prince Fielder three-run homer (HR); NL leads 3-1; Brian McCann flies out (5); Justin Upton flies out (4); Hunter Pence strikes out (K).

NL leads 3-1.

Top of the fifth

Clayton Kershaw pitches. David Ortiz strikes out (K); Robinson Cano grounds out (3); Alex Avila grounds out (3-1).

NL leads 3-1.

Bottom of the fifth

Jordan Walden pitches. Troy Tulowitzki singles (1B); Starlin Castro enters as a pinch runner; Castro steals second (SB); Scott Rolen strikes out (K); Castro advances to third on pitch in the dirt; Rickie Weeks grounds into fielders choice (1-2); Weeks steals second (SB); Andre Ethier singles to score Weeks; Ethier caught advancing to second (9-3-6).

NL leads 4-1.

Susan mentioned that at least seven teams are wearing patches honoring dead people.

Top of the sixth

Jair Jurrjeans pitches. Jacoby Ellsbury strikes out (K); Jhonny Peralta flies out (9); Miguel Cabrera grounds out (4-3).

NL leads 4-1.

Bottom of the sixth

Chris Perez pitches. Matt Kemp flies out (9); Joey Votto strikes out (K); Yadier Molina doubles (2B); Justin Upton flies out (7).

NL leads 4-1.

Top of the seventh

Carlos Quentin flies out (3); Matt Joyce grounds out (6-3); Kevin Youkilis singles to left (1B). Craig Kimbrel pitches. Paul Konerko walks (BB); Howie Kendrick grounds out (4-3).

NL leads 4-1.

Bottom of the seventh

Brandon League pitches. Hunter Pence singles to left (1B); Starlin Castro strikes out (K); Pence advances from first to third on passed ball; Pablo Sandoval hits a ground rule double (2B), Pence scores; Brandon Phillips flies out (8); Gaby Sanchez flies out (4).

NL leads 5-1.

Top of the eighth

Jonny Venters pitches. Matt Wieters grounds out (4-3); Jacoby Ellsbury strikes out (K). Heath Bell pitches. Jhonny Peralta flies out (4).

NL leads 5-1.

Bottom of the eighth

Ugando pitches. Andrew McCutchen grounds out (1-3); Joey Votto grounds out (5-3). Gio Gonzalez pitches. Jay Bruce strikes out (K).

NL leads 5-1.

Top of the ninth

Joel Hanrahan pitches. Michael Young strikes out (K); Carlos Quentin reaches on Castro error (E6); Matt Joyce singles to right, runners on second and third. Brian Wilson pitches. Michael Cuddyer flies out (9); Paul Konerko grounds out (6-3).

NL wins 5-1.

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