Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Dempster, Will You Ever Win?

I've mentioned time and again, Chicago Cubs fans shouldn't be delusional and expect to the win the division in 2012. Rebuilding will be painful, but again, so was almost every season since 1945. OK, really since 1908. I'm admit, I feel bad for Ryan Dempster.

Today, Dempster made his return from a brief stint on the 15-day disabled list. Following this afternoon's game against the Cincinnati Reds, Dempster is now 0-1 with 0.95 ERA after making four starts. He's allowed only three earned runs in 28 1/3 innings pitched. Against the Reds today, he pitched eight scoreless innings and allowed only three hits. Carlos Marmol was called in to close out the game in the bottom of the ninth with the Cubs leading 3-0. Without recording an out, Marmol surrendered three walks and one hit to allow three runs to score. The Cubs proceeded to lose the game 4-3 in the 10th inning.

At work today, we joking debated if anyone pitcher has won the National League Cy Young Award without recording a single victory.

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Yes, that loss was extra painful. I guess the only way he will get a win is if he pitches a complete game.
jef   Thursday, May 3, 2012
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