Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

A Win…At Last

Earlier this season, I mentioned that Ryan Dempster was pitching well for the Chicago Cubs, but he couldn't win a game. The team simply wasn't scoring runs for him. If he allowed one run, the Cubs wouldn't score. If he allowed two, they might support him with a lone run. Eventually, he did win games. Currently, he has three wins and a 2.11 ERA. Of course, he's currently on the disabled list and rumored to be shipped to a contender before the trade deadline at the end of July.

In Philadelphia this afternoon, Cliff Lee recorded his first win of the season. Last season, Lee won 17 games and finished the year with a 2.40 earned run average. While the Phillies have been afflicted with serious injuries to offensive stars like Ryan Howard and Chase Utley, Lee hasn't pitched up to his standards this season. Entering action today against the New York Mets, he had an 0-5 record with a 4.13 ERA in 13 starts. After six innings, the Mets held a 2-0 lead over the Phillies. The Phillies rallied with three in the seventh, three in the eighth, and three in the ninth to give Cliff Lee his first win of 2012.

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Every loss that Cliff Lee gets he deserves because he and his wife made the worse mistake of their professional lives by not going to New York.
BeanCounter37   Thursday, July 5, 2012
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